Friday, April 26, 2013

Fishing Where the Fish Are

When going fishing it is always important to have the right kind of lure for the fish you are trying to catch. But even the best lure will not produce strikes if you’re fishing in a spot where there is no fish. I did end up catching a nice Largemouth Bass last time out but that’s probably the lesson to take from my latest fishing trip.

The lake I fish at has a good population of lake trout which am always trying to target but they were nowhere to be found. I used the Powerbait Floating Salmon Egg Trout Bait to try to catch one but didn't get a bite all day. After setting up the bottom fishing rig I started with my other fishing tackle. I used everything from Mepps Spinners to Rapala crankbait but nothing seemed to work. The only lure that produced a strike all day was the Southbend Kast-A-Way Fishing Spoon with White Bucktail.

After trying my newer tackle like the wLure Blue Spoon for about an hour and not producing any results I put on the Southbend Kast-A-Way Spoon. First cast produced no results, so I threw the lure back in. Second time also seemed not to produce much until the very end. When the lure was close enough for me to see it a Largemouth Bass striked it. It seemed like the fish was following it for a while and decided to bite it at the very end.

I continued to throw other crankbaits, spinners and spoons for another three hours around that area of the lake but didn't produce any strikes. This area had plenty of rock like features which convinced me that bass and other fish would be lurking around. But I was wrong. A better strategy would have been to fish that area for about an hour and move on to a totally different spot on the lake. One of the hardest things to do when fishing is finding where the fish are. You can have the best lures in your tackle bag, but if the fish ain’t there you’re not catching them. So for next time, cover more ground will be the strategy.

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