Friday, December 2, 2011

No Fish but a Lesson Learned

Since I bought my new fishing gear last week I’ve been itching to test it out and I did get a chance last weekend. The fishing trip didn’t go according to plan, however, since I came back empty handed, but I did learn one important lesson.

Before I get to the lesson, let me just describe what happened. I went fishing with my friend like usual. Upon arrival at Kensico Reservoir I went looking for shallow type of water with lots of rocks. This is because Lake Trout like to be around that type of water this time of year. There were couple of enticing locations that I decided to try out.

It all looked so promising. About every 15 minutes I either saw ripples in the water, or heard a large splash made by a fish. That was proof that there were fish where I was fishing. But none of them wanted to get on the end of my hook.

Since the fish were splashing a little farther than where I was, I decided to get my new heavier spoons so I can cast longer and get to them. I bought four different size spoons that weighed 1 oz., ¾ oz. and ⅝ oz. and this is where I learned the lesson. The lesson was: when buying casting fishing tackle, do consider the weight of the lure and the line you are using.

The spoons I bought were way too heavy for the fishing line.  I had a 12 lb. line which snapped after couple of casts because the lures were too heavy. I ended up loosing all four of the brand new lures that I bought and not getting a single strike all day.

Well, I hope next time I’ll have more luck and am not buying heavy lures unless I have a heavier line on my spool.