Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Start to the New Fishing Season

The 2012 fishing season on Kensico reservoir got off to a great start for me. Usually I’m lucky if I catch anything at all at the reservoir, but not this time. Largemouth bass were really hungry and I had the chance to hook three of them.

My buddy and I got to the reservoir at around 7am. I reached into my tackle box for the new stuff I acquired over the winter break. First up was my new spoons. I gotta say they look better then they work. I cast them out a couple of times and I observed the swimming action.  They did not have a smooth left to right bobbing action like other spoons. No, this one sometimes bobbed back and forth and sometimes just twisted.  So I didn’t use it too much and of course I didn’t catch anything with it.

The crankbait I bought also wasn’t all that good but better than the spoon. I noticed that it had a pretty convincing swimming motion. The downside was that the lure is not heavy enough to sink and it only goes down because of the lip on a retrive, so you can’t get it down more that about 6 feet.

Well after trying out the lures I went for my regular Southbend Spoon with bucktail to try to catch a lake trout of course. But instead the spoon produced a strike by a Largemouth bass.  It was a nice one. A lot bigger than the one I caught last year.  It was about 18 inches I gotta say.
We kept on fishing all day but no fish were biting, not until later on in the afternoon. I happen to catch two more Largemouth bass at that time. This time instead of the spoon I was using the Gitzit Spinners. These two fish were about the same size as I caught in the first time.

I just want to talk about the two lures I used to catch the fish. First the Southbend spoon with white bucktail. This is a great spoon. This is not the first time this lure has worked for me. It has a great swimming action and the bucktail seems to be great at attracting fish. I would recommend this spoon to everyone. I also tried out for the first time the Gitzit Spinners and they are also great. The spinner spins in the water evenly and the lure has a great look to it. If your looking for inexpensive spinners then the Gitzit are it.

Ok, so overall a great start and am hoping to be catching a lot more fish this season. Till next time.