Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My New Fishing Gear for Lake Trout

Last trip left me kind of depleted so I decided to visit my local fishing store and pick up some fishing gear for my next fishing trip. I’m still trying to catch a lake trout so I wanted to buy some lures that would be the most effective on landing one. Here is what I got.

Spoons seem to be very effective on lake trout so I bought four different ones. I don’t have a boat and am trying to catch lake trout from the shore so I decided to buy a little bit more heavy spoons so I can cast longer. Before I was casting out with 1/4 oz. spoons but those are a bit too light and I can’t cast them that far. With these heavier ones I’ll be able to throw them out about 20 or 30 feet more which will hopefully increase my chances of catching my first trout.

For lures specific to catching lake trout I went with:
1. Gold Color 1/2 oz. Hurricane Kast-A-Way Slim Mino Spoon with Green and Red Bucktail
2. Silver Color 1/2 oz. Southbend Kast-A-Way Spoon with White Bucktail
3. Gold Color 5/8 oz. Hurricane Kast-A-Way Wobbler
4. Silver Color 1 oz. Hurricane Kast-A-Way Spoon with White Bucktail

All the above are spoons meant for catching lake trout. Am casting from shore so I went with heavier ones in 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. which will allow me to cast my lure farther than with a lighter type of lures. I also wanted them to have a bucktail. I saw how the tail reacts in water and it seems to have a wobbling action that is sure to attract fish. 

But that’s not all. Fishing store I went to had some other stuff on sale. Here is some other items I purchased.

1. Blaze Hardbait Lipless Crankbait
2. Zoom Super Fluke Baby Bass Plastic Baits
3. Gitzit Radon Spinners 5pk

The above lures are meant more for catching largemouth bass than trout but the price was right so I decided to expand my arsenal a bit.

I should be going fishing either this week or the next. That’s when am going to have a chance to test these lures. I’ll let you know how I do with them in my next post.