Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mister Twister Unveils New Logo

Mister Twister has redesigned its logo to a new more modern look the company announced last Thursday. According to the company "The Mister Twister® Curly Tail® Grub silhouette in our logo has been, and will continue to be, an icon for fishing. We recognize the heritage behind the original logo so our goal was to connect to the past but also include elements of an evolution".

Mister Twister has always provided a wide assortment of soft lures like plastic worms, curly twist tails, plastic tube lures, plastic minnows and more. The new logo will help the company's prospects in the future.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mepps Aglia Rainbow Spinner

First Look: Meps Aglia Spinner
This Mepps spinner looked very interesting because of its rainbow color pattern on the spinning blade. I don't have a spinner in this particular color scheme so I figured this would be a good addition to my tackle box. The hook, body and blade all look and feel solid. The most intriguing part of this spinner is the color pattern on the blade. It features colorful white and orange dots, that should make an interesting pattern when the blade is spinning. Middle body is a simple gold color round cylinder. The bright orange end tail near the hook is another nice touch that should make this spinner very good at catching fish. The spinning blade is attached on a needle thin metal wire which should let the spinner spin freely and evenly.

Weather is getting warmer and it's almost time for fishing again. We will see how this spinner performs on my next fishing trip.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

South Bend Voltage Spin Reel First Look

South Bend Voltage Spin Fishing Reel
Coming in at only $15 dollars the Southbend Fishing Reel seems to be a quality fishing reel and relatively inexpensive. The first thing to notice is the color. The photo on the shopping page shows the reel a bit more metallic looking but in reality the color is more white.

The reel is also small, capable of holding about 110 yards of fishing line. The bail seems to be of good quality. It snaps in smoothly when you disengage it and snaps right back in when you want to retrieve the line. Overall the reel works smoothly. The line barrel is supported by 4:5:1 bearing system which pulls the line in quickly and effectively when you give a couple of spins on the crank handle.

At $15 dollars this small reel feels like a bargain. Next thing to do is to take to take it out fishing and see how it performs on the lake.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fishing Where the Fish Are

When going fishing it is always important to have the right kind of lure for the fish you are trying to catch. But even the best lure will not produce strikes if you’re fishing in a spot where there is no fish. I did end up catching a nice Largemouth Bass last time out but that’s probably the lesson to take from my latest fishing trip.

The lake I fish at has a good population of lake trout which am always trying to target but they were nowhere to be found. I used the Powerbait Floating Salmon Egg Trout Bait to try to catch one but didn't get a bite all day. After setting up the bottom fishing rig I started with my other fishing tackle. I used everything from Mepps Spinners to Rapala crankbait but nothing seemed to work. The only lure that produced a strike all day was the Southbend Kast-A-Way Fishing Spoon with White Bucktail.

After trying my newer tackle like the wLure Blue Spoon for about an hour and not producing any results I put on the Southbend Kast-A-Way Spoon. First cast produced no results, so I threw the lure back in. Second time also seemed not to produce much until the very end. When the lure was close enough for me to see it a Largemouth Bass striked it. It seemed like the fish was following it for a while and decided to bite it at the very end.

I continued to throw other crankbaits, spinners and spoons for another three hours around that area of the lake but didn't produce any strikes. This area had plenty of rock like features which convinced me that bass and other fish would be lurking around. But I was wrong. A better strategy would have been to fish that area for about an hour and move on to a totally different spot on the lake. One of the hardest things to do when fishing is finding where the fish are. You can have the best lures in your tackle bag, but if the fish ain’t there you’re not catching them. So for next time, cover more ground will be the strategy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Powerbait Salmon Egg Trout Bait

First Look: Berkley Powerbait Salmon Egg Trout Bait
My initial impression when ordering this online was that the jar was gonna be bigger. But at 1.75 ounces this jar feels more like a sample than real jar of bait. At seven dollars it’s not cheap either. The bait itself has a bright red sort of pink color to it with plenty of little sparkling glitters inside. The glitter should make this bait a lot more visible, specially on sunny days. The bait feels a little like a foamy soft playdough that’s soft to the touch. This trout bait is suppose to imitate salmon eggs and float up so when on the lake I will roll them into nice little balls and put them on my hook. The nice thing about this lure is that I can bottom fish for lake trout without constantly swinging my rod like I do when using spoons and spinners.

The weather is starting to improve and it shouldn’t be long before I head out fishing again. At that time am going to have the opportunity to test this Berkley Powerbait Salmon Egg Trout Bait out and see if it’s any good at catching fish.

Friday, April 5, 2013

New Camo Color Sufix Fishing Line

Rapala announced a new camo color for its Sufix 832 Fishing Line Series. The Sufix 832 Series is already one of the most advanced fishing lines on the market and the new camo color improves an already great product. Sufix camo line is somewhat different than some of the other camo patter lines. Some lines change colors at set distances but the Sufix Camo line sets its pattern at random. This makes the line very effective at blending it self with surrounding weeds, rocks, plants and other water environments. Check out more information about the New Sufix 832 Camo Line and some of its features.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Much Fish is Left in the Sea

Commercial fishing is depleting out oceans of fish at an alarming rate. Here is an interesting info-graphic based on a UN study showing how much fish is left in the sea.