Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching Perch Bass During Summer

When I went fishing this past weekend, I wasn't expecting to catch much. The summer tends to be slow when it comes to fishing for bigger fish. but fortunatly you still can enjoy fishing for smaller fish like perch and other pan fish.

Like usual I started out with bigger crankbait and spoons to try to catch something substantial. But after not getting anything for a while i decided to try something different.

Lures to Catch Perch On
I started out with some spinners but still not a bite so I reached for a white twister tail fishing lure and after about three casts I had a perch bass on my hook.
White Twister Tail Lure

After that I tried a variety of different spoons, crank-baits and spinners and towards the end of the trip I did hook a smallmouth bass. This time Gitzit fishing spinner did the trick.

The key to catching these fish was a slow lure retrieval. I saw that the twister tail had a really good swimming action even on slow retrievals as well as the spinners. So I figured maybe the fish don’t feel like chasing the lure today because of the heat. The strategy worked and I didn’t come home empty handed.