Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching Perch Bass During Summer

When I went fishing this past weekend, I wasn't expecting to catch much. The summer tends to be slow when it comes to fishing for bigger fish. but fortunatly you still can enjoy fishing for smaller fish like perch and other pan fish.

Like usual I started out with bigger crankbait and spoons to try to catch something substantial. But after not getting anything for a while i decided to try something different.

Lures to Catch Perch On
I started out with some spinners but still not a bite so I reached for a white twister tail fishing lure and after about three casts I had a perch bass on my hook.
White Twister Tail Lure

After that I tried a variety of different spoons, crank-baits and spinners and towards the end of the trip I did hook a smallmouth bass. This time Gitzit fishing spinner did the trick.

The key to catching these fish was a slow lure retrieval. I saw that the twister tail had a really good swimming action even on slow retrievals as well as the spinners. So I figured maybe the fish don’t feel like chasing the lure today because of the heat. The strategy worked and I didn’t come home empty handed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Biggest Catch So Far

It seems to me that people in the US aren't too fund of fishing for carp. Whatever the reasons for that may be, I am not one of those people. Carp fishing is more relaxing as opposed to fishing for trout and largemouth bass where you have to cast out different lures and reel them back in. When fishing for carp you just set up a bottom rig and wait for the carp to bite.

So that's what I did this past weekend and I happen to pull in a 6 lbs. carp.  So far that is the biggest fish I caught. To catch it I set up a simple bottom rig with a weight freely attached to the line so that the fish don't feel much resistance. For bait I mixed some wheat cereal and I covered the entire hook with it which was about an inch in diameter. The carp seems to like it since I did get couple of bites but I did not hook a fish right away.

But when I did it was a 6 pound carp. I almost tripped over my things when I saw my rod bend when the carp took the bait. But I got there in time to set the hook and I caught the fish. Reeling it in was exciting. Carp seem to be a strong fish and you can feel the power on the rod. But after tiring out the fish a little bit, I reeled it in and it's the biggest one I caught so far.

I will definitely be carp fishing in the future.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Start to the New Fishing Season

The 2012 fishing season on Kensico reservoir got off to a great start for me. Usually I’m lucky if I catch anything at all at the reservoir, but not this time. Largemouth bass were really hungry and I had the chance to hook three of them.

My buddy and I got to the reservoir at around 7am. I reached into my tackle box for the new stuff I acquired over the winter break. First up was my new spoons. I gotta say they look better then they work. I cast them out a couple of times and I observed the swimming action.  They did not have a smooth left to right bobbing action like other spoons. No, this one sometimes bobbed back and forth and sometimes just twisted.  So I didn’t use it too much and of course I didn’t catch anything with it.

The crankbait I bought also wasn’t all that good but better than the spoon. I noticed that it had a pretty convincing swimming motion. The downside was that the lure is not heavy enough to sink and it only goes down because of the lip on a retrive, so you can’t get it down more that about 6 feet.

Well after trying out the lures I went for my regular Southbend Spoon with bucktail to try to catch a lake trout of course. But instead the spoon produced a strike by a Largemouth bass.  It was a nice one. A lot bigger than the one I caught last year.  It was about 18 inches I gotta say.
We kept on fishing all day but no fish were biting, not until later on in the afternoon. I happen to catch two more Largemouth bass at that time. This time instead of the spoon I was using the Gitzit Spinners. These two fish were about the same size as I caught in the first time.

I just want to talk about the two lures I used to catch the fish. First the Southbend spoon with white bucktail. This is a great spoon. This is not the first time this lure has worked for me. It has a great swimming action and the bucktail seems to be great at attracting fish. I would recommend this spoon to everyone. I also tried out for the first time the Gitzit Spinners and they are also great. The spinner spins in the water evenly and the lure has a great look to it. If your looking for inexpensive spinners then the Gitzit are it.

Ok, so overall a great start and am hoping to be catching a lot more fish this season. Till next time.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Generic Medium Diving Crankbait

When it comes to crankbait there is many choices out there. So far my favorite crankbait is the Rapala Rattlin 05 Lipless Crankbait, but the only thing I don't like about it is the cost.  At about $7 for one, this baby doesn't come cheap. So the search is on to find less expensive crankbait that catches fish as good as the Rapala Rattler.

After some searching on eBay I decided to buy this:

It's a generic medium diving crankbait. I bought three of them for about a $1.30 each.  I should be going fishing next weekend so I will have an opportunity to test it out. I'll post my performance report at that time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keepin' Busy During Fishing Off Season

Winter time means pretty much no fishing for me as the weather in New York is too cold for me to enjoy fishing. So how is a fisherman suppose to stay happy during those months? Why, you got to buy some fishing gear of course and that's exactly what I'm doing.

I lost some lures during prior fishing trips so I wanted to stock up on some cheap fishing gear that looked descent enough that it would catch some fish. So I went on eBay (of course) and looked around and here is what I found.

It's a half ounce fishing spoon that measures a little more than 2 inches. The fish scale like pattern caught my attention in particular and was the main reason I bought a set of 5 of these. They were fairly cheap coming in at about .95 cents a peace.

Now the only question is: will they catch fish? Let's hope the answer is yes. What do you think?