Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Biggest Catch So Far

It seems to me that people in the US aren't too fund of fishing for carp. Whatever the reasons for that may be, I am not one of those people. Carp fishing is more relaxing as opposed to fishing for trout and largemouth bass where you have to cast out different lures and reel them back in. When fishing for carp you just set up a bottom rig and wait for the carp to bite.

So that's what I did this past weekend and I happen to pull in a 6 lbs. carp.  So far that is the biggest fish I caught. To catch it I set up a simple bottom rig with a weight freely attached to the line so that the fish don't feel much resistance. For bait I mixed some wheat cereal and I covered the entire hook with it which was about an inch in diameter. The carp seems to like it since I did get couple of bites but I did not hook a fish right away.

But when I did it was a 6 pound carp. I almost tripped over my things when I saw my rod bend when the carp took the bait. But I got there in time to set the hook and I caught the fish. Reeling it in was exciting. Carp seem to be a strong fish and you can feel the power on the rod. But after tiring out the fish a little bit, I reeled it in and it's the biggest one I caught so far.

I will definitely be carp fishing in the future.