Monday, September 22, 2014

First Look: Strike King Series 3 Crankbait

The Strike King Pro-Model Series 3 Crankbait has arrived at my doorstep today. The crankbait comes in a variety of colors and the one I ordered is in a light green. This is a medium diving crankbait which dives about 6 to 8 feet deep. It comes with a rattling ball inside and when shaken you can definitely hear the ball inside make some noise. The overall body length is about 2.5 inches which is about the size of a standard crankbait. It also has a nice smooth glossy finish which makes it look like a quality crankbait that should catch fish. The two tri-hooks are super sharp and are well mounted on.

This particular Strike King Series 3 Crankbait in green color costs $5.39 which isn't too expensive. The next step will be to take it out on the lake and test the performance. Judging from the first look, it seems like this Strike King Crankbait will be a great addition to my tackle box.

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