Wednesday, August 14, 2013

South Bend Voltage Spin Reel First Look

South Bend Voltage Spin Fishing Reel
Coming in at only $15 dollars the Southbend Fishing Reel seems to be a quality fishing reel and relatively inexpensive. The first thing to notice is the color. The photo on the shopping page shows the reel a bit more metallic looking but in reality the color is more white.

The reel is also small, capable of holding about 110 yards of fishing line. The bail seems to be of good quality. It snaps in smoothly when you disengage it and snaps right back in when you want to retrieve the line. Overall the reel works smoothly. The line barrel is supported by 4:5:1 bearing system which pulls the line in quickly and effectively when you give a couple of spins on the crank handle.

At $15 dollars this small reel feels like a bargain. Next thing to do is to take to take it out fishing and see how it performs on the lake.

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