Thursday, April 11, 2013

Powerbait Salmon Egg Trout Bait

First Look: Berkley Powerbait Salmon Egg Trout Bait
My initial impression when ordering this online was that the jar was gonna be bigger. But at 1.75 ounces this jar feels more like a sample than real jar of bait. At seven dollars it’s not cheap either. The bait itself has a bright red sort of pink color to it with plenty of little sparkling glitters inside. The glitter should make this bait a lot more visible, specially on sunny days. The bait feels a little like a foamy soft playdough that’s soft to the touch. This trout bait is suppose to imitate salmon eggs and float up so when on the lake I will roll them into nice little balls and put them on my hook. The nice thing about this lure is that I can bottom fish for lake trout without constantly swinging my rod like I do when using spoons and spinners.

The weather is starting to improve and it shouldn’t be long before I head out fishing again. At that time am going to have the opportunity to test this Berkley Powerbait Salmon Egg Trout Bait out and see if it’s any good at catching fish.

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